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Type 01 Deadstock

Deadstock Acorn Sand are available now in Limited Sizes


Desert Boots The Way They Used to Be Made.

Only Finest Components

We only use the finest components to make our boots. Pure plantation crepe, heavy leather midsoles - the part you feel under your feet - other makers use a kind of compressed fiberboard. Handcrafted and sewn in Italy.
Each pair comes with a spare pair of laces.

2 Piece Pattern Upper For Comfort

There's a myth that boots need to be lined. Once you try our super soft unlined suede you'll realise why that's not true. Our desert boots wear in like comfortable slippers yet stand up to the rigours of modern life.

Blond Plantation Crepe Soles

Most companies use amber or grey crepe because it hides the natural marks and impurities in blond latex rubber. Some famous desert boot makers use something called 'milled crepe' - bleached to look natural. Our crepe is naturally blond and the most expensive to manufacture.

We believe that blond crepe looks better and colours naturally with wear.

What can I say? Fantastic. Wonderful suede. Great toe shape. Love the natural crepe. Padded leather insole a nice touch. They're great. Nice work Hutton!

J.P. Gaul - Co-Author 'Ivy Style' & 'Hollywood & The Ivy Look"

5 Star review.
Hutton Desert Boots just arrived - outstanding!As George Frazier, the American writer and well-known connoisseur of clothes and jazzonce said, 'Wanna know if a guy's well-dressed? Look down.'

Graham Marsh, author, The Cover Art of Blue Note Records; The Ivy Look; Hollywood and The Ivy Look. Designer Kamakura Vintage Ivy Shirts

These are magnificent boots, perfect shape, materials and comfort. You can tell they were designed by someone who knows and loves the authentic, classic Desert Boot style. Mine were comfortable right out of the box. It is so refreshing, in these days of faux heritage items, to see a product that is a true labour of love. I look forward to seeing what else the Hutton brand has in store for us!

Peter K, Los Angeles